International Accreditation Body Links

  arrow   The International Organization for Standardization -(ISO)
  arrow   European Union -(EC)
  arrow   European Comittee for Standardization-(CEN)
  arrow   International Electrotechnical Comission-(IEC)
  arrow   European Organization for Quality-(EOQ)
  arrow  International Telecommunication Union-(ITU)
  arrow  European Cooperation for Accreditation of Laboratories-(EAL) (formallyWECCandWELAC)
  arrow  International Accreditation Forum-(IAF)
  arrow   European Commission Initiation
  arrow   International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation-(ILAC)
  arrow   Asia Pacific Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation-(APLAC)
  arrow   Pacific Accreditation Cooperation-(PAC)
  arrow   Joint Accreditation System, Australia & New Zealand-(JAS-ANZ)
  arrow   Inter American Accreditation Co-operation-(IAAC)
  arrow   Comisi?n Panamericana de Normas T?cnicas-(COPANT)
  arrow   National Cooperation for Laboratory Accreditation-(NACLA)
  arrow   World Meteorological Organization-(WMO)
  arrow   North American Cooperation in Metrology-(NORAMET)
  arrow   Southern African Development Community Metrology-(SADCMET)
  arrow   Sistema Interamericano de Metrologia-(SIM)
  arrow  ; International Measurement Confederation-(IMEKO)
  arrow   European Organization for Conformity Assessment-(EOTC)
  arrow   Comitie Europeen De Normaisation Electrotechnique-(CENELEC)
  arrow   Organisation for Testing in the Nordic Countries-(Nordtest)
  arrow   EASC-Euro Asia Council on Standardization, Metrology, and Certification-(EASC)
  arrow   EUROMET
  arrow   EURACHEM
  arrow   EUROLAB
  arrow   European Organization for Conformity Assessment-(EOTC)
  arrow   European Telecommunications Standards Institute-(ETSI)
  arrow   International Measurement Confederation-(IMEKO)
  arrow   International Conference of Building Officials-(ICBO)
  arrow   Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development-(OECD)
  arrow   Standardizing Information and Communication Systems-(ECMA)
  arrow   Bureau International des Poids et Mesures-(BIPM)
  arrow   International Organization of Legal Metrology-(OIML)
  arrow   European Cooperation in Legal Metrology-(WELMEC)
  arrow>   AOAC International-(AOAC)
  arrow   Electronic Industries Association-(EIA)
  arrow   International Commissionon Illumination-(CIE)
  arrow   The American National Standards Institute-(ANSI)
  arrow   National Standards System Network-(NSSN)
  arrow   The American Society for Testing and Materials-(ASTM)
  arrow   Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Standards-(IEEE)
  arrow   American Society for Quality-Measurement Quality Division(ASQ-MQD)
  arrow   National Association of Radio and Telecommunications Engineers, Inc.-(NARTE)
  arrow   National Committee for Clinical Laboratory Standards-(NCCLS)
  arrow   American Council of Independent Laboratories-(ACIL)
  arrow   US Council of EMC Laboratories-(USCEL)
  arrow   National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Conference-(NELAC)
  arrow  US Department of Energy's Laboratory Accreditation Program-(DOELAP)
  arrow   Sao Paulo-Brazil- informations at Sociedade Brasileira de Metrologia
  arrow   British Standards Institute-(BSi)
  arrow   British Institute of Measurement and Control-(InstMC)